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Fees for PrivacEmail™

Many other online counselling agencies charge a flat fee no matter how much time the counsellor spends on replying. I guarantee that as your counsellor, I dedicate at least an hour to replying to your Private Conversation message(s). I believe that you deserve to be treated with care and honour. So your message receives a full hour of my undivided attention. 

If you decide to use the live Text-Chat instead of Private Conversations, the session will last about 50 minutes. Fees for chat are the same as for a single Private Conversation. 

Session Fee

My fee is $120.00 per hour. This is enough time for me to read your message(s) and reply deeply and thoughtfully to your concerns.


Fees for chat are the same.

We will chat for 50 minutes. The other 10 minutes will be for chart documentation and other administrative tasks.


Payment is required in advance of each Private Conversation response or Text-Chat session. Registration through the Privacemail program is mandatory for service provision and you will be asked to make your initial payment upon completion of registration. 

If payment has not been received prior to your Text-Chat session it will be cancelled. As well, I am unable to send any Private Conversation responses prior to payment being received. 

For your peace of mind, payments can be made securely through PayPal. Please contact me if this option does't work for you.  

Insurance Coverage

The services of a Registered Social Worker (RSW) are covered by most insurance plans. 

Please check with your insurance provider to see if this coverage is available to you. If so, please submit your receipts directly to your provider for reimbursement. 

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