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Every day, more and more people are choosing e-counselling as a convenient and effective way to access counselling. 

E-counselling provides you with the flexibility to participate in a meaningful counselling exchange anywhere, anytime.  You're no longer bound by travel and time restraints.   

Some people also enjoy the anonymity e-counselling offers. They find it easier to be truly open and honest with their counsellor, and themselves.  E-counselling provides a level of comfort that many do not feel in face-to-face or telephone/video counselling. 

I offer two options for accessing secure and private online counselling sessions:

Private Conversations

Private Conversations enables you to communicate with me via confidential message exchanges. You can compose your thoughts, edit what you write, and stop your writing if you wish - returning to your exchange when you are ready. Once you feel your message is complete hit "Send". I will then respond to your message with a very personalized and in-depth therapeutic response. This type of counselling is convenient, private and allows for the review of exchanges time and time again.


Our Chat option allows for real time interaction in a chat room environment. Once you have registered and submitted your payment we will scheduled a day and time to meet in an online private chat room. We will communicate via a secure web board and all exchanges between us are completely confidential, allowing you to discuss your concerns, set goals and develop strategies on how to best face your problems.

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